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Emalie Calamity
12 March
moshpit_layouts made my layout

Grown up. She just turned 16. Stuck in the moment. Dead at the scene, and it's on tonight. This is the life that you wanted, right? So turn off all the lights. Dressed up just like a movie star. At all the parties they'll know who you are. Wouldn't it be great, to be fashionably late? So why don't you wait, till you're sedated. Don't it feel like something's not right in his kiss tonight? Yeah what I'm saying is do you, do you want to lose it all? Cause this is more than just a dance hall drug. You can't wait to fall in love. All I'm saying is do you, do you want to learn to fly? Then you should pack it up and say goodbye. Cause when the push comes to the shove, it's just a dance hall drug.